Where to go for Reflexology: Langkawi, Malaysia

by esthetician on 18 October, 2013

Shea and I had been scootering around Langkawi all week and we were in Kuah town on the Westside of Langkawi. This isn’t my favorite part of town as many of the buildings aren’t too lovely to look at and there are a lot os big and small shopping centers…and that seem equally undesirable to shop at.

Though this area ins’t my favorite, one particular “health spa” stood out to me each time we drove by, so we decided to hit it up before we left town. Shea and I both love a good foot rub and “reflexology” is offered everywhere in Malaysia so we decided to check out the what I believe to be called the Pusat Istirehat (health Care Center).  The address is at Lot 398, Mk. Kuah, Keilbang, 07000 Langkawi, Malaysia and located directly below the Hotel Grand Continental. They spoke very little English, seemed mostly frequented by locals, and didn’t have biz cards or a website.

reflex 2


The outside of the building is underwhelming as you can see from the picture above, however when you walk in you instantly feel as though you have stumbled upon a hidden gem. The space was open with a huge water wall, plush reflexology chairs, and very kind staff who seemed happy to offer their services to you.

reflex 1


We took off our shoes (which is the custom indoors in most places in Asia) and were ushered into our fancy-pants individual chairs next to one another and facing the calming water wall. Don’t want calming? No big deal! They also cater to people who want to veg out in front of the TV (each chair had a built-in TV if you so desired).

reflex 3

We each were served a cup of tea, given a foot soak, and then kicked back while we got 30 minutes of fabulous (and intense) reflexology. These massage therapists definitely knew there Chinese points and didn’t hold back when using them! The luxurious balm they used during this treatment was the cherry on top.

30 minute of foot bliss set us back roughly $10 USD each. This price is pretty much the standard for treatments in Malaysia (outside of fancier establishments).

Stay tuned for my next series of posts (6 days of affordable bliss in Koh Samui, Thailand)!

All in all I would highly recommend you check this place out if ever in Langkawi. It is clean, cozy, accommodating and you will get a great treatment at an even better price!

XOXO, Anna (AKA The Traveling Esthetician)


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